Mould/tooling manufacturing

From design to final product, our dedicated team of engineers will assist you with key focus on cost and efficiency. Our capabilities extend to manufacturing the final product in large volumes in plastic, rubber or PVC.

Complex injection mould tooling design.

Large to small scale productions.

Quick turn-around-times. 100% customer satisfaction

Rotary moulds.

Compression moulds.


3D drawing/drafting service.

Mould Manufacturing Companies

Whether design, manufacture, or both, our dedicated team of professionals can help you get the moulds you need. We offer a range of available materials and a variety of options regarding mould types. If your business needs mould manufacturing companies, look no further than Elite Tooling and Engineering.

What to Expect From Us as Plastic Mould Manufacturers

We strive to bring a variety of angles to any project, whether small or large, so that you get the results you need. Here are some examples of how we meet your expectations when you need rubber mould manufacturers:

  • Complex injection mould tooling design. Our injection-based moulding systems allow us to meet your expectations for simple and complex moulds. These tools also allow for reliable, quick turnaround times on any project.
  • Variety of mould types. We have various mould types available such as compression moulds, rotary moulds, and extrusion moulds.
  • Full design to manufacture service. Even if you only have a rough idea, we can help you bring it to life, from design to implementation and everything in between.

For all your moulding requirements, whether plastic, rubber, or PVC, you can count on us to meet the demand of your business and your clients. There’s no need to look for other mould manufacturing companies when we do it all.

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